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Remington Model 300 Ideal in 3-D

An advanced American O/U with hallmark Remington‚ reliability.

When we set out to build an over/under for the 21st century, we meant the entire century. Which, in turn, meant we wanted to design a timeless shotgun that, like many Remington‚ firearms, would become a favorite for the ages. Here lies the result. The new Model 300™ Ideal™: An advanced American over/under with hallmark Remington reliability.

In building the Model 300™ Ideal™, we started with the barrels. Using an already famous Remington‚ approach for reducing weight on our autoloading shotguns, we gave them a slender "Light Contour" design for effortless swinging. We also set the two barrels closer together and reduced their total height from top-to-bottom which, again, helped create a lighter, slimmer assembly. In complement, the modified underlock action features a shallow-profile receiver, closer to that of a side-by-side action. To maintain ultimate strength and rigidity in such a design, we incorporated two strong lug extensions flanking the middle of the bottom barrel. Additionally, two massive recoil lugs, located on each side of the top barrel, recess into scalloped receiver cuts directly ahead of the breech face. Being avid wingshooters ourselves, we also devoted considerable attention to how easily the Model 300 Ideal would come to the shoulder. The result is a sweet-mounting, classically styled stock with a straight comb for easy cheeking and less drop at the heel to keep recoil in a straighter line. Adding further comfort is a no-slip, English-style rubber recoil pad. In the end, the name says it all — the balance, weight and pointing characteristics of the new Model 300 Ideal are, in fact, "ideal." Additional features and advancements include a new, easy-to-use fore-end latch design and a fast-operating safety/barrel selector (an easy flick quickly determines barrel order). Triggers are mechanically set. And automatic ejectors are standard. Finally, the overall appearance of the Model 300 Ideal befits its classic performance. Handsome and refined, all metal surfaces feature a polished blue finish while receiver panels are decorated with tasteful fine-line engraving. The satin-finished American walnut stock is checkered at a generous 20-lines per inch. Barrel options include 26", 28" and 30" lengths, and include I.C., Mod. and Full Rem™ Chokes.

Model 300 Ideal Features
Finely-fitted and fully-featured Remington O/U shotgun
Based on a proven boxlock action of modified underlock design
Safety / barrel selector system for improved ease of use
Polished blue metal finish with ornate roll engraving
Semi Gloss American walnut field grade stock & fore-end
Handsome cut checkering at 20 lines per inch
English style solid rubber recoil pad
Low profile vent rib, 8mm wide, undercut for improved styling
Ivory front bead with steel mid-bead
Barrels chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" magnum
Includes 3 interchangeable Rem™ Chokes (Improved Cylinder, Modified & Full)
Automatic ejectors

Model 300 Ideal Specifications



Barrel Length


Overall Length

Avg. Wt. (lbs.)

Order No.




26" IC, M, F 42 3/4" 7 3/8 5233  $1,332 
12 3" 28" IC, M, F 45" 7 3/8 5231  $1,332 
12 3" 30" IC, M, F 47 1/4" 7 3/8 5229  $1,332 

LOP: 14 3/16";  Drop at Comb: 1 1/2"; Drop at Heel: 2"
*NOTE:  U.S. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.  Actual price may vary.


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